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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Munster.
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  • Bataireacht [r]: An Irish term used to describe stick fighting martial arts of Ireland. [e]
  • Conaire Mór [r]: Legendary prehistoric High King of Ireland, surrounded by contradictory traditions. [e]
  • Conall Cernach [r]: A hero of the Ulaid in the Ulster Cycle of Irish mythology. [e]
  • Conn Cétchathach [r]: Legendary prehistoric Irish king, said to be the ancestor of many important medieval dynasties. [e]
  • Connacht [r]: Western province of Ireland. [e]
  • Cormac mac Airt [r]: Legendary prehistoric Irish king famed for his just judgements, counted as an ancestor of many medieval dynasties. [e]
  • Counties of Ireland [r]: Traditional and local government subdivisions of the island of Ireland. [e]
  • County Cork [r]: The largest and the most southwesterly county of Ireland. [e]
  • Gaelic football [r]: An outdoor sport played by two teams of 15 players a side. It is a form of football using a round ball which the players may both handle and kick, with the object of kicking or punching the ball into the goal. [e]
  • Ireland (island) [r]: An island to the west coast of Great Britain, comprising the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. [e]
  • Ireland (state) [r]: Republic (population c. 4.2 million; capital Dublin) comprising about 85% of the Atlantic island of Ireland, west of Great Britain. [e]
  • Irish War of Independence [r]: The conflict between the forces of the provisional government of the Irish Republic and Britain which took place between January 1919 and July 1921. [e]
  • Labraid Loingsech [r]: Legendary prehistoric Irish king, considered the ancestor of the Laigin of Leinster. [e]
  • Niall Noígiallach [r]: Legendary and probably historical Irish king of the 5th century, and eponymous ancestor of the Uí Néill dynasties. [e]
  • Nuadu (disambiguation) [r]: Add brief definition or description
  • Ulster [r]: The northernmost of the four provinces of Ireland. [e]
  • Waterford [r]: The name of both a city and country in the Republic of Ireland. [e]