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A hand-picked, annotated list of Web resources about Wikipedia.
Please sort and annotate in a user-friendly manner and consider archiving the URLs behind the links you provide. See also related web sources.


  • About Jimmy - biographical sketch of of Jimmy Wales on his personal web site.
  • Jimmy Wales - Wikipedia userpage. On the edit history of this page, the earliest versions were in 2002 when Wales blanked the page. In 2006 this version is one he edited at that time. It contains the following rather blunt statement by Wales:
"I should point out that these are my principles, such that I am the final judge of them. This does not mean that I will not listen to you, but it does mean that at some ultimate, fundamental level, this is how Wikipedia will be run."
This statement remained in the August 17, 2011 version edited by Wales, but he blanked the page minutes later, and today these sentences have disappeared. The actual content of Wales' user page today originated who knows where, and is the result of thousands of edits by sundry contributors, but Wales' recent edits are scarce and trivial.


  • Article Traffic Stats - displays traffic per time for individual articles
  • Trending Topics - list pages that were most frequently accessed over the last month
  • WikiScanner - database of 'anonymous' edits on Wikipedia, linking them to various organizations by IP address
  • Wiki Rage - multilingual site displaying articles with the most recent edits


  • Aniket Kittur, Bongwon Suh, Bryan A. Pendleton, Ed H. Chi (2007). He Says, She Says: Conflict and Coordination in Wikipedia. CHI 2007, April 28–May 3, 2007, San Jose, California, USA.. ACM. Retrieved on 2012-05-29. " the global level, conflict and coordination costs in Wikipedia are growing. Specifically, direct work (on articles) is decreasing, while indirect work such as discussion, procedure, user coordination, and maintenance activity (such as reverts and anti-vandalism) is increasing."
  • David A. Hoffman, Salil K Mehra (August 26, 2009). Wikitruth through Wikiorder. Temple University Legal Studies Research Paper. Retrieved on 2011-10-20. Also in Emory Law Journal, 59 (2010). "The data show that Wiki-dispute resolution ignores the content of user disputes, instead focusing on user conduct."
  • Bongwon Suh, Gregorio Convertino, Ed H. Chi, Peter Pirolli (2009). The Singularity is Not Near: Slowing Growth of Wikipedia. WikiSym’09, October 25–27, 2009, Orlando, Florida, U.S.A.. ACM. Retrieved on 2012-05-29. An overview of editor activity on WP.
  • Wikipedia search on website: PARC, A Xerox company. Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated. Retrieved on 2012-05-29. A link to various publications concerning academic studies of Wikipedia. For the most part, these articles can be Google searched by title to find on-line pdf versions.
  • Editor survey 2011. Wikimedia (October 15, 2011). Retrieved on 2012-06-15. First-ever Wikimedia survey of Wikipedia editors based upon 5,073 responses to a questionnaire in all languages, about 0.46% of Wikipedians.
  • Editor trends study/Results. Wikimedia (May 14, 2011). Retrieved on 2012-06-15. Graphs and discusses some statistics about Wikipedia, including retention of new Wikipedians, number of active editors, and so forth.
  • Devin Coldewey (2012). Wikipedia is editorial war zone, says study. Technolog. TECH. Retrieved on 2012=07-13. A summary of the article linked next.
  • Yasseri T, Sumi R, Rung A, Kornai A, Kertész J (June 20, 2012). "PLoS ONE" 7 (6). DOI:10.1371/journal.pone.0038869. Retrieved on 2012-07-13 Besides discussing its topic, this paper lists many of the studies published about Wikipedia.. Research Blogging.
  • Mostafa Mesgari, Chitu Okoli, Mohamad Mehdi, Finn Årup Nielsen, Arto Lanamäki, “The sum of all human knowledge”: A systematic review of scholarly research on the content of Wikipedia, Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology, 2014: [1]

Criticism and controversy

Quote: "The Wikipedia concept, if turned right side up, could be a boon to mankind. Allowing named and credentialed scholars from around the world to collaborate in their area of expertise could revolutionize the speedy advancement of knowledge." Edwin Black (April 12, 2010). Wikipedia—The Dumbing Down of World Knowledge. The Cutting Edge. Retrieved on 2011-10-25.
  • Timothy Messer-Kruse (Feb 17, 2012). The 'Undue Weight' of Truth on Wikipedia. Chronicle of Higher Education. Retrieved on 2012-02-14. details the efforts of Timothy Messer-Kruse to correct the treatment on WP of the 1886 trials related to the Haymarket riot. He ran into objections based on "verifiability vs. truth" , "majority vs. minority views", "primary vs. secondary sources", and "original research", all of which were employed to obstruct an authoritative account on WP.
  • Carl Hewitt (August 25, 2010). Corruption of Wikipedia. Retrieved on 2012-07-15. This is a 59 page collection of nasty assessments and the "dirty laundry" of Wikipedia with examples and commentary from many disgruntled and articulate once-upon-a-time participants. Although very one-sided, some substantial and worthwhile issues are (vehemently) presented. In particular, attention is directed to the possible implications of participation on Wikipedia for one's personal reputation.
  • Criticism of Wikipedia. Wikipedia (June 25, 2011). Retrieved on 2012-07-16. A collaborative assessment of Wikipedia by many of its contributors.

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