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Finally! I have time to start a discussion page. I think this was a reasonable article to begin with, though with some omissions that I would like to redress. There is not enough detail on the construction of the Colosseum, including the remarks of Vespasianus regarding the use of paid labour that he insisted upon (sources?) as well as on its present day condition and usage. The fact that it was something a venue for "connoisseurs' of gladiatorial combat, compared to the much larger Circus Maximus (where most of the executions and displays of Christian martyrs seemed to have occurred) may also bear inclusion, as well as one or two quotes from such figures as Cicero (letters) and St Augustine, regarding what went on there. Also, apart from photographs, we probably need some schematics of the layout and an artists impression, or a computer graphic, of how the Colosseum would have looked in it's heyday would be great.--Phil Wardle 22:08, 12 November 2006 (CST)