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A collection of images about Moon.
(CC) Images: Mark Kilner
Lunar highlands
Lunar highlands
Crescent Moon
Crescent Moon

Gallery of Earth's Moon:

  • Credit & Copyright: Laurent Laveder PixHeaven.net_[Laurent Lavender Gallery TWAN (The World at Night)
  • "Explanation: If your sister-in-law phoned you at 1 a.m. to tell you there was a circle around the Moon, how would you react? When it happened to him early last Sunday morning, photographer Laurent Laveder, grabbed his equipment and ran outside! He was rewarded with the sight of a bright lunar halo shining in his neighborhood skies above Quimper, France. With a radius of 22 degrees, the beautiful halo is produced by the refraction of moonlight in hexagonal-shaped ice crystals formed in thin, high clouds. Laveder captured a series of digital images that he used to create this composite fisheye view as well as a remarkable 360 degree VR panorama."