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A hand-picked, annotated list of Web resources about McGuffey Readers.
Please sort and annotate in a user-friendly manner and consider archiving the URLs behind the links you provide. See also related web sources.
  • 1895 graduation exam (8th grade). Transcribed from the original document in the collection of the Smoky Valley Genealogy Society, Salina, Kansas. It is likely that the school used at least one or more of the following: McGuffey's Readers as well as Harvey's Grammar, Ray's Arithmetic, and Spencerian penmanship.
  • McCarter, J. Parnell, The McGuffey Readers and Nineteenth Century America Not everybody thinks McGuffey is old-fashioned. Some think he is too modern! Here, a writer for the Puritan News web site argues that the McGuffey Readers were part of a long-term trend towards secularization and religious pluralism, both trends considered by the author to be unhealthy.
  • Pflugfelder, Ehren Helmut, Copyright, Plagiarism, and McGuffey's Readers: a Critical Resource on Intellectual Property in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries Contains an extensive analysis of the 1838 plagiarism case, including reproductions of some relevant original documents as well as discussion of important court cases related to the issue. The author is a PhD student in the Department of English at Purdue University working extensively on the "analysis and critical examination of the cultural and textual practice of plagiarism, authorship and IP law" to quote from his web site.
  • Vail, Henry H., A History of the McGuffey Readers. Vail was the general editor in charge of the 1879 Revised Version. This document is his personal recollections. It is not all well documented, especially the earlier parts of which he is not a direct participant.

Editions of McGuffey Readers

The following material is available from Project Gutenberg. The links take you to a separate page for each title, from which a variety of formats are available for download. The version in question is the 1879 Revised Version.