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Parent topics

  • Light [r]: The part of the electromagnetic spectrum visible to a species' biological eye. [e]
  • Wavelength [r]: For a repeating phenomenon such as a radio signal with a given frequency, the wavelength is the length, in meters, of a single repetition [e]
  • Painting [r]: Art consisting of representational, imaginative, or abstract designs produced by application of coloured paints or pigments to a two-dimensional, prepared, surface. [e]


Other related topics

  • Vision [r]: Add brief definition or description
  • Color Blindness [r]: Abnormal condition in humans characterized by the inability to clearly distinguish different colours of the visible spectrum. [e]
  • Dichromacy [r]: The vision of an organism with two types of color receptor. Most mammals have dichromatic color vision and this is a common form of human colourblindness. [e]
  • Trichromacy [r]: The vision of an organism with three types of color receptors. Humans and closely related primates are usually trichromats but most mammals have dichromatic color vision. [e]
  • Tetrachromacy [r]: Color vision characteristic of organisms with four types of color receptors. Birds, fish and insects are commonly tetrachromats and some human woman have tetrachromatic vision due to X-inactivation. [e]
  • Munsell Color Order System [r]: a color space for describing color of surfaces [e]