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The Asian Games or Asiad is an international multi-sport event held every four years in Asia, organised by the Olympic Council of Asia. Competitors represent countries and territories from across the region. The first event was held in New Delhi, India in 1951, and the next is scheduled for Incheon, South Korea, in 2014. The most recent event was hosted by Guangzhou, China in November 2010.

Similar to the Olympic Games in many respects, the Asian Games also showcases more regional sports, such as a wider range of martial arts and others little-known outside parts of Asia, such as the South-East Asian game sepak takraw (not unlike volleyball, but hands cannot be used). Another is kabbadi, a contact sport of South Asia in which a team tries to pin a single opposing player who must touch as many others as possible in the opposing half of a court.

As in the Olympics, successful competitors are awarded gold, silver or bronze medals for first, second and third place. The Asian Games is also officially recognised by the International Olympic Committee, though not all the events and territories. For example, kabbadi is not an Olympic sport, and Macau competes in the Asian Games but not the Olympics.