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A list of key readings about Pancho Gonzales.
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By Pancho Gonzales

  • Gonzales, Pancho, Man with a Racket, The Autobiography of Pancho Gonzales, as Told to Cy Rice, A.S. Barnes and Company, New York, 1959 - a somewhat sanitized autobiography, with a few warts about a famously difficult character allowed to be revealed.
  • Gonzales, Pancho, Tennis, Avenel Books, 1952, ASIN: B000UCUNFU.

About Pancho Gonzales

  • Once a Champion: Legendary Tennis Stars Revisited, by Stan Hart, Dodd, Mead & Co., New York, 1985 (ISBN 0-396-08544-X)—Twenty-five somewhat idiosyncratic interviews with former tennis champions; Gonzales and Pancho Segura were the only players asked who refused to be interviewed.
  • The Game, My 40 Years in Tennis (1979), Jack Kramer with Frank Deford (ISBN 0-399-12336-9)—an invaluable source of information about Gonzales by one of the key men in the history of tennis; the rancor between Kramer and Gonzales lasted for decades
  • The History of Professional Tennis (2003), Joe McCauley
  • Rich Hillway, tennis historian
  • The Tennis Book (1981), Edited by Michael Bartlett and Bob Gillen (ISBN 0-87795-344-9)
  • "The Lone Wolf, by S. L. Price, Sports Illustrated, June 26, 2002—a no-holds-barred but admiring overview of his life; Andre Agassi's father, and Gonzales' one-time father-in-law, seriously considered having Gonzales murdered.
  • World of Tennis Yearbook 1971 (1971), by John Barrett, London