International Atomic Energy Agency

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The International Atomic Energy Agency was established by the United Nations in 1957 and is involved in counterproliferation, conducts research in inspection and verification technologies, and visits nuclear energy sites to certify they are engaged only in peaceful activities.[1]

Its headquarters are in Vienna, Austria, with laboratories in Vienna and Seibersdorf, Austria, Monaco, and Trieste, Italy.

IAEA work falls into three major categories

  • Safety and Security
  • Science and Technology
  • Safeguards and Verification.

Safety and Security

The agency develops and disseminates technology to protect against nuclear accidents and diversion of nuclear materials.

Science and Technology

IAEA is an information resource for the peaceful use of nuclear energy.

Safeguards and Validation

"The IAEA is the world's nuclear inspectorate, with more than four decades of verification experience."[2] As such, it was intimately involved in assessing the Iraqi nuclear program under Saddam Hussein, and is also active in disputes over Iran's nuclear programs.


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