Detroit Tigers

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The Detroit Tigers are a Major League Baseball team centered in Detroit, Michigan. The team was founded in 1901, as one of the inaugural teams in the American League. After the 2007 Major League Baseball season, the team had a combined record of 8404 wins and 8191 losses.


The team has had a total of four championship winning seasons; winning the World Series in 1935, 1945, 1968, and most recently in 1984.


Since the team's inception in 1901, they have played their home games in a total of three different stadiums. The first of these was known as Bennett Park. In 1911, Bennett Park was torn down and in its place was built Navin Feild. In 1938 Navin Field changed its name to Briggs Stadium. Then, in 1961 Briggs Stadium changed its name to Tiger Stadium. It was known as Tiger Stadium until the team played its last game there in 1999. In 2000 The team moved to a brand new stadium, built in the heart of downtown Detroit, known as Comerica Park.