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Task description: Create Workgroup Subpages Categories, which have the form Category:[Workgroup name] [Subpage type].

Run 1: Related article subpages, bibliographies, external link subpages

[copied from User talk:Jitse Niesen]

I recently wrote templates for the Categories of the form Category:[Workgroup name] [Subpage type] (like Category:Geography External Link Subpages, and it'd be nice if you could use your bot to fill them in.

The way it would work was, for each Workgroup name (from the CZ:Workgroups page), put this:

{{Workgroup Related Articles subpages|group=group name}}

on Category:group name Related Article Subpages and this

{{Workgroup Bibliography subpages|group=group name}}

on Category:group name Bibliographies and this

{{Workgroup External Links subpages|group=group name}}

on Category:group name External Link Subpages.

I'll have more subpage types templated pretty soon, but these are the default, most common, ones. -- JesseWeinstein 15:42, 24 January 2008 (CST)

All the requested category pages were created on 26 January 2008, except the following which already existed:

  1. Category:Anthropology Related Article Subpages
  2. Category:Astronomy Related Article Subpages
  3. Category:Biology Bibliographies
  4. Category:Biology External Link Subpages
  5. Category:Biology Related Article Subpages
  6. Category:Chemistry Bibliographies
  7. Category:Chemistry External Link Subpages
  8. Category:Chemistry Related Article Subpages
  9. Category:Engineering Related Article Subpages
  10. Category:Geography Bibliographies
  11. Category:Geography External Link Subpages
  12. Category:Geography Related Article Subpages
  13. Category:History Bibliographies
  14. Category:History External Link Subpages
  15. Category:History Related Article Subpages
  16. Category:Hobbies Bibliographies
  17. Category:Mathematics Related Article Subpages
  18. Category:Politics Bibliographies
  19. Category:Politics External Link Subpages
  20. Category:Politics Related Article Subpages
  21. Category:Sports Related Article Subpages

Run 2: Works subpages, discographies, filmographies, catalogs, timelines

Works (Category:X Works Subpages), Discography (Category;X Discographies), Filmography (Category:X Filmographies), Catalogs (same category name), and Timelines (also same category name).

These were all created on 29 January 2008, except the following which already existed:

  1. Category:Hobbies Catalogs
  2. Category:Music Discographies
  3. Category:Psychology Catalogs

Run 3: Galleries, audio, video, code, tutorials, addenda, signed articles

Gallery (Category:X Galleries), Audio (Category:X Audio Subpages), Video (same), Code (same), Tutorials (Category:X Tutorials), Addendum, (Category:X Addendum Subpages) & Signed Articles (Category:X Signed Articles).

These were all created on 30 January 2008. Due to a typo, some of the template names were misspelt; this was corrected after about an hour. One category page already existed: Category:Food Science Galleries.