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I was born in 1971 in Athens, Greece from a Paxiot father and a Cretan mother.

I speak fluently Greek and understand perfectly koine Greek and most of ancient Greek. My English level is close to native. I studied French for 8 years, but have forgotten most of the spelling. Italian seemed very easy after all that, and I reached a satisfactory level in only 6 months, which I still maintain. I can also understand Spanish and Portuguese. I can understand Greek, Latin and Cyrillic scripts, although I don't speak any Slavic language.

I finished the Athens College (school and highschool) in 1989, and continued in the Deree College where I got my BA in Marketing-Management. I found out that the "street" was a much better school. You guessed it: I'm an entrepreneur.

I used to be talented in math and sciences (which in Greece we call "positive" sciences) and detested all "theoretic sciences" (which I called "negative", for contrast). I presume that it was due to the fact that most of my "theoretic" teachers' political background may have affected their behavior to show some short of empathy for children of well-standing families. It may not be the case, but they all seemed to hate us.

Still, I'm neither conservative nor liberal. I believe in "pan metron ariston" and in the free market. The reason I often cite when asked is a quote from a teacher I admired: "No motive is stronger for improvement, than the need to save your own ass." Unfortunately.

I also found out later that history and the rest of the "negative" sciences were quite fascinating. I'm really dissappointed I've lost so much precious time studying them. In any case, I now simply call them "theoretic sciences" again, like the rest of the Greeks do.

In real life business, I've helped transform my father's bathing-suit wholesale company to the currently largest Greek-owned clothing retail chain: Sprider. We've sold most of it now, and I used to be the vice-president there until early 2007. I still own about 10% and frequently advise the present very effective management in a lot of issues.

I'm now in real-estate in Greece and the Balkans.

I'm married with a 2 year-old daughter, and waiting for my ...heir around Easter. Other than that (waaaay below), I love fishing, scuba diving, yachting and my job (in that order). I also enjoy bouzoukia, but I don't frequent them so much, mainly because I don't like people noticing how much a spoiled brat that I am!